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Range of grates and access covers for pedestrian safety ACO Heelsafe® Anti-Slip custom designed grates Create a distinct look with custom designed grates ACO Heelsafe® Anti-Slip Discreet infill access covers Discreet access covers complement landscaped areas ACO Heelsafe® Anti-Slip external building drainage External building drainage ACO Heelsafe® Anti-Slip Discreet access covers and grates for floor tile continuity ACO Heelsafe® Anti-Slip

ACO's Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates and covers

Drains and service enclosures are a vital part of any urban or building project. A lack of planning can have a marked effect on the project’s lifecycle and negatively impact the overall design.

At ACO, we have embarked on a research and development mission to empower the way designers select and specify these pavement elements. A number of factors need to be considered when integrating these elements into urban pavements and building floor areas to maintain aesthetics and keep users safe.

For a durable and long-lasting pavement, effective stormwater management is key. For drainage, we see that grates being both heel friendly and slip resistant are vital components of the selection criteria to keep users safe.

Service enclosures house essential elements giving access to key underground cables, pipes and other utilities. They need to be accessible, trafficable and preserve the visual continuity of the pavement or floor.

With our industry leading range of Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates and discreet access covers, we have a vast range of products suitable for any project:

Infill Access Covers Application

ACO’s Heelsafe® Anti-Slip Range

ACO believes that narrow slotted grates, quality designed access covers and slip resistance go hand in hand. The Heelsafe® Anti-Slip trademark identifies grates that meet the following criteria:

  • Designed to resist the penetration of a 10mm heel and comply with AS 3996 Clause 3.3.5: Surface Openings in Pedestrian Areas
  • Comply with wheelchair and walking can safety requirement of AS 1428
  • Comply with bicycle tyre resistance criteria of AS 3996
  • Slip resistance rated to AS 4586. ACO recommends grates and covers to have a similar slip resistance to the adjacent pavement
Heelsafe Criteria
Designer Removable Grates

Standard grates

Bespoke Iron Grates

Bespoke grates

Discreet Access Covers

Discreet access covers

With a range of standard removable grates, permeable pavers and discreet slotted tops, ACO’s designer grate range offers the widest range of Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates in the industry, with a product for every application.

With a bespoke range of Signature wedgewire grates made to suit any size and a customisable ductile iron grate, you can bring your designs to life.

Infill access covers provide a seamless finish for enclosures. Available in single covers, or multipart assemblies for larger enclosures, ACO’s range of discreet access covers are an ideal way to synthesise enclosures into the urban environment.

Design principles for Heelsafe® Anti-Slip applications:

ACO’s Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates and access covers comply with a number of Australian and International Standards for pedestrian, wheelchair, bicycle and cane use. Products are available in a range of slip resistance ratings and with a maximum slot width of 10mm to prevent small heels from becoming trapped. ACO has identified five key principals designers should consider when specifying and designing:

  • heelsafe criteriaPavements should be as flat as possible, with effective drainage systems
  • Grate slot sizes should be kept to a minimum to protect heels, canes, bicycle tyres and wheelchairs, whilst allowing efficient surface water removal
  • All grates should have a document slip resistance rating
  • Grates and access covers should be durable, robust and load rated for vehicles and trolleys
  • Grates and access covers must be secure and provide easy access for maintenance and cleaning to ensure optimum performance

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Pitt St Mall

Freestyle grates at Pitt Street Mall

Architects designed a bespoke grate at Sydney’s iconic Pitt Street Mall to harmonise with the surrounding urban elements and historical context of the area.

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Apartment Complex

Penthouse stainless steel solutions

The designers of this boutique waterfront apartment block wanted a durable grate for the saltwater environment and a high level of slip resistance.

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Access Covers At Monash University

Discreet access covers

Access covers are an essential, but often overlooked, element of all applications. ACO has a number of options that can blend seamlessly with the surrounding pavements.

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