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permeable pavers for landscaping

EcoPanel linear permeable pavers

EcoPanel is a stormwater trench drain cover consisting of a galvanised steel frame that is filled with a permeable UV stable resin-bonded aggregate. This unique combination provides a durable load bearing surface enclosed in an engineered frame, allowing for water infiltration.

EcoPanel covers are installed into ACO Polycrete® Channels. A removable access unit is available for maintenance. Suitable applications include parks, playgrounds and landscaped areas.

  • Foot-friendly linear drainage system
  • EcoPanel UV stable resin-bonded aggregate is available in eight colors
  • The EcoPanel cover prevents litter and reduces sediment from entering and clogging the stormwater system
  • Meets load class C150KN AS 3996
  • Slip resistance rated to AS 4586: P5
  • Hydraulically tested

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EcoPanel Linear Permeable Pavers

Available as part of a complete drainage system

ACO Drain

ACO Drain

ACO Drain is a range of polymer concrete channels with lockable grates, ideal for external paved and shared-zone areas. Modular channels are available in various widths with a built-in 0.5% fall, so flat and drainable pavements can be achieved.

ACO Drain’s wide range of products suit general purpose, heavy duty and restricted depth applications.

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