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Discreet access covers

Infill access covers for urban pavements

Access covers are critical elements that give access to essential service infrastructure – stormwater, sewer, gas, electrical and communications.

These services can be routed through various pavement types.

ACO’s access covers are designed to harmonise with the surrounding pavement by preserving the visual continuity of pavers and other finishes. ACO offers range of iron or steel covers in a variety of sizes with aesthetic edging options.


ACO’s product solution

ACO offers a range of steel and iron covers for external environments.

These cover and frame solutions are available in single part or multi-part configurations to suit a variety of pavements and slabs.

  • Recessed to accommodate pavers and other external pavement materials
  • Choice of materials:
    • Galvanised steel construction to Class B (AS 3996) – approximate individual slow moving wheel load 2,670kg
    • Ductile iron construction to Class D (AS 3996) – approximate individual slow moving wheel load 8,000kg
  • Available with aesthetic stainless steel or brass decorative edging
  • Suitable for streetscapes, public domains, carparks landscape areas, commercial, industrial and residential areas

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access covers for urban pavements
access covers range

Available as part of a complete system

ACO Access

ACO Access

ACO Access is a range of cover and frame systems for use in various applications, such as stormwater, sewer infrastructure, electrical and communications.

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ACO Cablemate

ACO Cablemate

ACO Cablemate is a range of trafficable cable enclosures to provide secure protection to cable enclosures and enable decorative floor finishes to mantained with minimal interference.

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